Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if the school isn’t built on time?
We are extremely confident that the school will be built on time, with the completion of the Reception classes given first priority. The school is a modular design and the modules are now near completion. Transportation of the modules down to the site will commence in 2021. Over time the outdoor environment will naturally grow and develop.

When will staff be appointed?
Roles for the new school will be advertised in Spring 2021.

Why is it Reception pupils only for September 2021?
This decision is based on national guidance. There is an overarching rationale that it's based on pupil forecast and demand, and if we were to fully open in September 2021 it could take children away from other local schools, which we don't want for the community.

How quickly will you fill the other years?
Year on year fill, unless demand prompts a faster fill. We will always look to support the community and will open other year groups if the community demands it.

How do I apply?
If you head to, there are step by step instructions, including links, to help you apply. The steps are:

Step One:
Register with the Cornwall Council Parent Portal.

Step Two:
In the Parent Portal, apply for up to three preferences at schools that are already open – you cannot apply for Launceston Primary School until you have applied for schools that are already open.

(The reason for this is that the Funding Agreement has to be signed for Launceston Primary School to open in September 2021. Only provisional offers of a place for eligible children can be made until this is signed. You will be offered a place at the highest preference at which your child is eligible. If this is Launceston Primary School, this will be a provisional offer. This will be alongside an offer of a school that is already open, until the School’s Funding Agreement has been signed.)

Step Three:
Through the Cornwall Council website - Apply for a Reception class place at Launceston Primary School

When will I be made an offer?
Offer day is 16th April and you will receive an offer via email.

Are places allocated based on proximity to the school?
Should we be over our pupil admission number, which is a maximum of sixty places, places will be offered based on our over subscription criteria which can be found on our website.

What will the uniform be like?
Our uniform will reflect the high expectations of our school, balanced with the outdoor environment which will be a fundamental part of learning. There is also a requirement for it to be affordable, accessible and easily cleaned.

Will drop off and pick-up be really congested?
The site provides good vehicular access, however we have a great desire over time to move people away from dropping pupils off directly on site, so as they get older we would like them to use designated walkways, including one linking the school to the Kitt Hill View estate, and potential cycle ways. We are currently working with external companies to produce Travel Plans and are undertaking a set, annual parking survey, to enable us to monitor the usage. This will help us to produce a map highlighting the best, safest routes to and from your home to the school.

What pastoral care will be available?
There are multiple programs in place to support children’s emotional, social and mental well being, and they are a fundamental part of our provision. As the school grows we will add a Parent Liaison Officer and a wider volume of staff to support with bespoke school needs.

What safeguarding is in place?
Our Trust Safeguarding Policy can be found on our Policies page:

Our school is a "caring community" and aims to provide a secure and happy atmosphere for the children. If you are concerned about the welfare or lack of social skills of any child in the school, please contact the Principal Designate who is the person responsible for pastoral care, and is the Designated Safeguarding Lead. It is hoped that parents will not be hesitant in contacting the staff when there are any queries and, if necessary, appointments can be made to see parents out of school hours.

If you are concerned about a child's safety (outside of school hours) please contact the Multi Agency referral Unit (MARU) on 0300 123 1116.

School security is very important, and at present security measures include:

  • All visitors are challenged

  • Visitors sign in and out

  • Children only leave with a known adult

  • Security alarms are set in both buildings when unoccupied

  • Security lights operate during the hours of darkness

  • Lone working arrangements

  • Keeping Children Safe Online

We will hold annual workshops for children and parents to ensure that all stakeholders are well informed and up to date regarding how to ensure full transparency on children’s safety online.

Will there be before and after school care?
If demand is there, and it is cost neutral to the school then additional wrap around care will include:

7.45am - 8.45am Breakfast Club

3.15pm - 5.15pm After School Club

Will there be extra-curricular activities?
Yes. There will be a variety of after school clubs to support sporting and wider interests including, cookery, craft and music.

Will the school cater for pupils with special needs?
Yes, absolutely. The building has been designed to support pupils with physical needs. We will ensure all children following our special educational needs plan will be included wherever we can make reasonable adjustments to meet their needs.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
You can contact our Project Manager, Sophie Burrows at or call 01566 785372.